History of NA in Connecticut Project

The idea for putting together a History of Narcotics Anonymous in Connecticut churned for several decades before its inception in 2019.  That was when we went to the Regional Service Committee with our idea. They gave us their blessing to form a History Ad-Hoc Committee. Prior to that we lost many dynamic members of our early community who helped build today’s fellowship in our state. Determined to find and preserve both memories and records we reached out to the fellowship.

Our small committee began in earnest that spring. Then, many old timers thought Narcotics Anonymous in Connecticut began in the early 1980’s. That, as it turns out, was not the case.  When The World Service Office provided a copy of the first World Directory of Meetings published in 1976, it included three in Connecticut: Westport, Waterbury, and Forestville.  It also had a contact person for each group and the address of the meeting. That was our starting point as we tried to locate anyone who might know those people. “Six degrees of separation” was how it began. As word of our mission slowly spread information started to trickle in from sources throughout the country and the world. The Pandemic slowed us down, but our quest continues to grind on. We are still in need of volunteers to help finish our task including:  transcribers, editors, proofreaders, writers, researchers and those who can catalogue our ever growing archives. Please join us!

In Loving Service,

The Connecticut History Project