Regional H&I Is Meeting Again

I am reaching out to all NA members in regard to our regional H&I subcommittee.  We are looking for some feedback as to where your areas stand currently with H&I.  I know most of us have been at a standstill as far as our presentations and local subcommittee meetings are concerned.  Through all this Sean (DOC Liaison) has stayed in regular contact with the Dept of Corrections.  This was in case things changed in regard to presentations in their facilities.  So far, there has not been much movement with the DOC in regard to them resuming presentations, either virtually or otherwise.  The DOC is working towards it as they have recently initiated virtual visitations.  I have also talked to some H&I subcommittees that have resumed presentations and/or subcommittee meetings.

Several H&I members have offered to aid in getting our regional meeting back up and running.  We will be reaching out to all of the areas about where you stand with your committees, and commitments.  We feel it best to get ahead of the game and be ready for things to resume so we aren’t left empty handed without many volunteers.  Please reply with your thoughts on the subject and any information on what is going on in your areas with regards to H&I.  We will be holding the Regional H&I meeting on the first Wednesday of April (4-7-21) at 7:30 pm. via Zoom.  The link is on the website under meetings or you may access it through the calendar.  As always, we are grateful for your service to NA and to H&I especially.  

H&I Members