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Meeting Formats

BST = (Beginners Step 1,2,3)BT = (Basic Text Discussion)C = (Closed, For Addicts Only)CH = (Closed, Holidays)CL = (Candlelight)DC = (Childcare Available)ES = (Espanol - Spanish Speaking)FD = (Five and Dime)GL = (Gay & Lesbian)HIV = (Focused on HIV+ members)IP = (Informational Pamphlet)IW = (It Works: How and Why)JFT = (Just for Today)
K = (Keytags are handed out)LC = (Living Clean)M = (Men's Meeting)PI = (Pitch)RF = (Rotating Format)S = (Speaker Discussion)ST = (Step Discussion)SWG = (Step Working Guide)T = (Tradition Discussion)TO = (Topic Discussion)W = (Women's Meeting)WC = (Wheelchair Accessible)YP = (Young People's)

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At least 1 contact person is required (first name only). We also require a phone number and email address in case we need to get in contact with you for any reason regarding this meeting change submission.

Fields marked with * are required.

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