History of NA in Connecticut Project

Just a shout out to all of the members of the fellowship.  We’re not sure everyone is aware that the Connecticut Region is compiling the History of NA in Connecticut.  We are reaching out to members for help on different areas of this project.  One of the areas we need help with is transcribing interviews.  Because the interviews are fairly long it would help if transcribers have excellent typing skills (80 – 100 words a minute).  We are also going to need people to scan or review documents that have already been scanned.  Some of the documents have been scanned as one PDF file.  These documents will need to be separated, individually labelled and put into computer category folders for easy access when the time comes.

Some of the information already compiled – and – confirmed – are the following names of individuals who started NA meetings in the Waterbury, Bristol and Hartford areas.

  • Shirley C. & John H. – Meeting On the Green in Waterbury YMCA Monday night 8:30 pm April 1976.
  • Gary A. – Meeting was in either Bristol of Forrestvillle Started 1976.
  • Judy W. – Meeting started in Waterbury in 1978 Met Monday at 8:30 (this may be a restart of meeting at the YMCA)

We are trying to locate members of the fellowship who may have known any of these individuals.  If you have any information or know someone who might it would be extremely helpful.

Lastly, we are looking for historical/archival material from the early days of NA.  Anything from those earliest meetings would be of interest.  Meeting schedules, flyers or posters, t shirts, minutes from area or regional meetings, newsletters, pictures or anything else you may have .

This is a project that will become better with the more support we have.
The History Project Committee.

You can contact us through email here: cthistory@ctna.org