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Connecticut Based Homegroups That Have Gone Virtual

Listed Below are the Connecticut Regional NA Groups that are temporarily holding their regularly scheduled meetings via Web Conferencing Technology (Meeting Key Below). If you’re Group has “Gone Virtual” and is not listed below or if you need to make changes to an already listed meeting, please Submit a “Meeting Information Form.Please Use the Additional Details field for the Virtual Meeting ID’s, Passwords & Links.
Due to the current situation with Covid-19, most in-person NA meetings have been temporarily suspended.
In-Person Meetings that are open can be found Here
Many of our groups are holding their weekly meetings virtually using web conferencing technologies.


O – (Open) All are welcome.
ST – (Step) Twelve Steps of NA.
T – (Tradition) Twelve Traditions of NA.
SWG – (Step Working Guide) Discussion of the Step Working Guide text.
S – (Speaker) Speaker, then opened for participation by attendees.
K – (Keytag) Keytags handed out celebrating lengths of clean time.
FD – (Five and Dime) Discussion on the Fifth Step and Tenth Step
LC – (Living Clean) Living Clean Book
IG – (Introductory Guide) Introductory Guide to NA
HIV – (HIV) Focused on the needs of HIV positive members.
JFT – (Just for Today) Just For Today text.
BST – (Beginners Step (1,2,3)) Steps 1, 2, 3, typically reading them from the Basic Text.
DC – (Childcare) Childcare is available
C – (Closed) Closed to non-addicts.
ES – (Espanol) Spanish.
VM – (Virtual Meeting) Meets through virtual technology.

M – (Men) Meant to be attended by men only.
W – (Women) Meant to be attended by women only.
LGBT – (Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans) Focused on the needs of LGBT community.
IP – (Informational Pamphlet) Discussion of one or more Informational Pamphlets.
Pi – (Pitch) Each person who shares picks the next person.
RF – (Rotating Format) Format that changes for each meeting.
TC – (Temporarily Closed) Physical Meeting Facility is Temporarily Closed.
To – (Topic Discussion) Discusses a chosen topic.
IW – (It Works: How and Why) Discussion of the It Works-How and Why text.
BT – (Basic Text) Discussion of the Basic Text of Narcotics Anonymous.
CL – (Candlelight) Meeting is held by candlelight.
CH – (Closed Holidays) Facility is usually closed on holidays.
WC – (Wheelchair) Wheelchair accessible.
GP – (Guiding Principles) Discussion of the Guiding Principles book.
YP – (Young People) Focused on the needs of younger members of NA.
HY – (In-Person Broadcast Virtually)

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