April 2019 RD Report

April, 2019 Regional Delegate Report


Current Projects:
The following are brief summaries of the updates for the 2018 – 2020 Conference Projects and
current events. Attached is the March 2019 issue of NAWS News www.na.org/nawsnews
outlining full details on the projects and events.

Spiritual Principle a Day Book Project input can be submit online at: www.na.org/SPAD
Current Project focuses are:
Project Focus through June:
Forgiveness | Kindness | Perseverance | Practicality
Respect | Responsibility | Service | Simplicity | Understanding

Mental Health Mental Illness Informational Pamphlet (IP) draft is out for review and input
through May 15, 2019. Responses (input) can be submitted online at www.na.org/mhmi

World Service Conference of the Future Project. The World Service Conference of Future
workgroup has been divided into three task teams: the Effective and Sustainable task team, the
Role of Zones task team, and the Zonal Collaboration task team. The Effective and
Sustainable task team will focus on effectiveness of doing a good job in all the “reasons we
gather” at the World Service Conference, and what’s required to sustain that level of
effectiveness. The Role of Zones task team will focus on, among other things, generating ideas
to forward to the World Board to be considered in the development of a project plan that is
specific to zones and their relationship to the wider fellowship, including Zonal Delegate
participation into the decision making process at the World Service Conference. The Zonal
Collaboration task team’s focus overlaps with some of the areas the Role of Zones task team
will focus on. Preliminary discussions focused on the benefits of collaboration, working with the
World Board to plan a virtual meeting of Zones; and exploring options to help Zones that wish to
stay connected moving forward.

Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust Workgroup Project. A recommendation for a
proposed revision to the inspection clause contained in the FIPT Operational Rules, as well as
other proposed revisions, has been submitted to the World Board. The World Board has
reviewed the FIPT workgroup’s recommendations and supports all of the changes to date. The
workgroup is now focusing on ideas for revisions to Bulletin #1 – Use Policy.

Conventions & Events Tools Project. A tool for Money Management is the latest completed
piece from the Conventions & Events Tools Project. Visit www.na.org/conventions for this and
other tools for Conventions and Events.

A Guide to World Services in NA 2018–2020. The latest version of A Guide to World
Services in NA that reflects the current policies for Narcotics Anonymous World Services,
including those adopted at the last WSC is available. Visit www.na.org/conference for a copy.
I have received a hard copy in the mail from NAWS.

New Ideas and Issues Needing Input. One of the 2018 Conference topics the World Board
(WB) committed to looking into and discussing during this Conference Cycle is online meetings.
Recently, the WB received a request to register an online Area Service Committee. As this is a
new type of request, the WB is unsure on how to proceed; and does not believe it is the WB’s
decision to make. The topic of online meetings was the small group discussion focus during the
Conference Participant web meeting held on Saturday, April 13, 2019.

Other Topics Covered in the March Issue of NAWS News. Fiscal Update; Highlights from
the WCNA 37; Planning Our Future; 2018 – 2020 Issue Discussion Topics; Public Relations
Week; NAWS Travel; Staff Changes; and Human Resource Panel. Again, please see the March
2019 issue of NAWS News www.na.org/nawsnews for complete details.

Upcoming NAWS Web Meetings – For more information visit: www.na.org/webinar
Public Relations: May 9, 2019 – 7:00pm (Eastern)
Zonal Fellowship Development / Public Relations: May 11, 2019 – 1:00pm (Eastern)

Upcoming Fellowship-wide Events – For more information visit: www.na.org/nawsevents
Service Day: May 1, 2019
Public Relations Week: June 3 – 9, 2019
Unity Day: September 1, 2019
Sponsorship Day: December 1, 2019

Conference Participant Web Meeting. During the April Conference Participate web meeting
the WB provided updates on the above discussed project plans. The Board also informed us that
they have received 57 responses to the NAWS Strategic Plan SWOT Survey (25 US Regions; 31
non-US Regions; and 1 Zonal Forum). The remainder of the web meeting was used to focus on
gathering input on the topic of online meetings. We broke-off into small group sessions for these


NEZF Meeting: I will attend the next face-to-face NEZF meeting scheduled for April 26 – 28,
2019 at the Radisson Hotel, 175 Jefferson Road, Rochester, New York. The workshop session
for strategic planning at the April Zonal meeting will be a continuation from “The Role of
Zones” workshop held during the October NEZF meeting in Saco, Maine (See October 2018
NEZF Report distributed in January, 2019). Zonal Participates are being asked to provide input,
if any, by April 22, 2019. The SWOT Environmental Scan being used to solicit input was
emailed to RSC members on April 13, 2019 to solicit their input, if any.



Upcoming Connecticut IDT Workshops and Other Events:

United Shoreline Area – Sunday, May 5, 2019 – Flyers: distributed at Area Meeting / Online
Drug Replacement Therapy (DRT) and Medical Assisted Treatment (MAT) as it relates to NA
Check Request: Facility Rent Charge: $100. Make check payable to United Shoreline Area

Lost then Found NA Meeting – Sat., June 1, 2019 – Flyers: RCM Packets / Online
Attracting Members to Service
Check Request: Facility Rent Charge: $50 – Make check payable to United Methodist Church
Check Request: Refreshments: $50 – Make check payable to Lost Then Found Group

CT RSC, Middletown – Saturday, June 15, 2019 4:00 p.m. – Flyers: RCM Packets / Online
Spiritual Principle A Day Book Project Workshops

CT RSC, Middletown – Saturday, August 17, 2019 – 4:00 p.m. – Flyers: June RSC
Consensus Based Decision Making Basics Workshops
Copies of the CBDM Basics Tool www.na.org/?ID=LR-CBDM will be distributed at the June
RSC meeting to give RSC members a couple of months to review and become becoming familiar
with the information prior to the August RSC virtual workshop.

The following are tentative dates / discussions for additional IDT workshops. More details to
follow at the next RSC meeting.

Midstate Unity Area, Portland – Saturday, July 13, 2019 – 12:00pm to 4:00pm
Attracting Members to Service
Carrying the NA Message and Making NA Attractive
Drug Replacement Therapy (DRT) and Medical Assisted Treatment (MAT) as it relates to NA

Never Alone, Never Again NA Meeting – Norwalk – Sat., Aug 3, 2019 – 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Drug Replacement Therapy (DRT) and Medical Assisted Treatment (MAT) as it relates to NA
SFCA Public Relations. I have been approached by the SFCA PR Chair concerning PR’s
interest in hosting a workshop on the “Carrying the NA Message and Making NA Attractive” as
it relates to the public’s view of NA as a viable resource. The PR Chair intends to reach out to
the Greater New Haven Area PR Chair to suggest the two PR Subcommittees collaborate on this

Check Requests
RD Expenses for April NEZF Conference (Advance)
Hotel: $120.84 (cost for 1 night)
Mileage: $194.88 (one-way travel – 336 miles x $.58 per mile)
Meals: $80.00 (meals for 2 days)
Total: $395.72
Copies: $13.51 (March 2019) – Check payable to: Executive Office Services

Privileged to Serve
Troy B., Regional Delegate

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